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Design & Build – Our 8 Step Process to Create Your Immaculate Landscape


One of our Landscape Designers will meet with you at your home to get a vision of the project that you have in mind.  We’ll take measurements, pictures and leave you with a package full of information on the many different types of plant and building materials to choose from.

Step 1 Consultation
Step 2 - Landscape Design Proposal

Landscape Design Proposal

You will receive an email with the proposed copy of the landscape design based on our initial consultation. The design is tailored to meet your visions and your budget.  Included along with the landscape design are construction time lines, building material selections and pricing.

Proposal Review & On Site Analysis

A meeting will take place at your home to discuss the landscape design proposal.  We will go over all details of the construction project and layout of landscape work. We will mark out the work area with paint to give you a visual of the location and size of different objects within the landscape design.

Step 3 -Proposal Review & Onsite Analysis
Step 4- Final Design

Final Design

We will make any necessary changes based on our in home meeting and draft up the final design and contract.

Construction Planning

Now that the final design has been approved and the contract has been signed we will begin obtaining locates for all underground services.  We will pre-order the construction materials and inform our team on the layout of the project and the construction plan to ensure a smooth and quality installation.

Step 5 - Construction Planning
Step 6 - Installation


Our team will commence work on the project. We will arrive with our crew and all of our equipment.  You are encouraged to ask questions to the project foreman and consult with him along the way during the construction process. The job site will be cleaned up at the end of every work day and any unsafe areas will be blocked off.

Project Assessment

With the project nearing completion we will take a walk through the job-site to answer any questions you may have. We will discuss the finishing touches and make any changes necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Step 7 - Project Assessment
Step 8 Project Completion

Project Completion

Now that you are completely satisfied with your landscape construction project the job is complete. We will meet with you to collect the final invoice and take some pictures of your new landscape. All that is left is for you is to sit back relax and enjoy your beautiful new landscape and the increased value of your home.

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Fast, Friendly and Free Estimates
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